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Welcoming Newcomers

We coordinate a variety of programs for newcomers to our local community, including immigrants, seasonal workers, and anyone who is new to the place we call home. These programs are offered in cooperation with the New Canadians Centre of Cobourg (NCC) which offers full settlement services.  

Moving to a new community or country can be both exciting and challenging. In Canada today, this experience is a reality for
millions whether they be immigrants, refugees, seasonal workers from other countries, or simply people who move within this vast country. 

This community has a lot to offer and we strive to 'Build a Welcoming Community' by hosting events, workshops, connecting newcomers to valuable community services, and offering volunteer placements while people get settled.


It is very important for newcomers to feel welcome…to feel they can really contribute.

newcomer (2012), volunteer, workshop participant




We host regular community events to meet people, network, and have fun. This includes a welcome and farewell dinner for the many seasonal farm workers who come to the area each year. Also, with the NCC, we host cultural events where we can enjoy food & dance from other parts of the world. 




Participants at the newcomer workshop, December 6, 2012

In March 2012, Horizons of Friendship and NCC began a series of workshops “Building a Welcoming Community”. These were the first such workshops in the Northumberland region where immigrants and other newcomers to the area could come together and discuss opportunities and challenges. The first 3 workshops were facilitated by the Mennonite New Life Centre, who generously gave their time and expertise based on their years of experience on the topic of newcomer integration in the Toronto area. On December 6, 2012 community stakeholders were invited to continue discussions and develop an action plan.

Stay posted for upcoming sessions or contact us.

Download the Workshop Report:

Language Classes


English as a Second Language  (ESL) Classes are hosted by the NCC Wednesdays 6-7pm, in our office at 50 Covert St., Cobourg (2nd floor). Classes are free of charge and open to all.