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Our Partners

We believe that for development to be sustainable, it must be owned, driven and led by local people. For this reason, we work in partnership with local grassroots organizations that have shown energy, creativity and a proven ability to address the needs of their communities.  
Our Mesoamerican partners represent Indigenous peoples (including Ch’ol, Tzotzil, K’iché, Mam, Kakchikel, Garifuna, Lenca, Miskitu, Ngobe-Bugle), Afro-descendant populations, small-scale farmers, youth, and women


Our work in Mexico is focused in the southern Chiapas region with the grassroots indigenous organization DESMI.


The comprehensive program in Guatemala includes organizations addressing distinct needs of indigenous peoples, including maternal health and education

El Salvador

el salvador
Gender equality and labour rights are among the themes addressed by our partners in El Salvador. You have the opportunity to visit these projects on the 2014 Educational Tour. 


Since the 2009 coup d'état, our partners in Honduras have shown remarkable resilience and commitment in difficult circumstances. 


The Nicaraguan partners focus on the rights of women and youth, including working with the Miskito indigenous on the Atlantic Coast. 

Costa Rica

costa rica
The work in Costa Rica project has served as a basis for regional level work on the theme HIV/AIDS.


The Panama partners include a group that supports the largest indigenous group in the country, the Ngóbe.

Canada & Elsewhere

We collaborate with various sister organizations to carry out our mandate and support the work of our Mesoamerican partners.