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Indigenous Food Projects in Panama

indigenous food
Ngóbe Cultural Action (ACUN)
Food Security

Organizational capacity building to create a Food Security and Nutritional Network in the Districts of Munä y Nole Duima within the Ngäbe Bugle Region of Panama

The project aims to combat food insecurity and malnutrition in the Ngobe Bugle Region of Panama using and respecting Ngobe culture. The project focus on two major results: a local network on Food Security and Local Production will be articulated; and a management model for a Ngobe family farm will be developed.  

Key Achievements

50 Ngobe leaders were trained on human rights, environment, and indigenous peoples rights to provide input and make informed decisions in the Ngobe Bugle Region.

• ACUN published a report that compiles and analyzes local experiences in agricultural development and risk management including the experiences of 30 producers and 3 technical advisors from 5 different communities.

• As the result of a report produced on Ngobe traditional nutritional practices, documentation of 12 vegetable species traditionally consumed was developed.

 5,000 copies of key laws outlining the rights and territory of the Ngobe Bugle were printed and distributed to both communities and authorities in the Ngobe Bugle Region.