Welcoming The Workers That Grow Our Food


Spring and early-summer is an exciting and busy time at the Horizons of Friendship (Horizons) office, especially with the arrival of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers in the Northumberland community. Since 2002, Horizons has been working with the Seasonal Agricultural Workers within Northumberland County.

In 2008, Horizons teamed up with the New Canadians Centre (NCC) in order to tackle issues facing the workers. Some of the key issues that the workers face are culture shock (transitioning from their home country to Canada), lack of financial and material resources upon arrival to Canada, isolation and lack of social life, and general unawareness of how to access a variety of goods and services available within the community. Together as a team, Horizons and the NCC have implemented a variety of programs and services that address some of the issues the workers face.

Our Projects

Berna Carneras Anderson one of the Whita's - a traditional Miskitu authority - trained in the project

Partner: The Association of Indigenous Women of the Atlantic (AMICA)

Location:North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua

Project Title:Promotion of Indigenous women's rights to prevent and address violence against women in Miskitu Indigenous communities.

Project Duration: March 2012 to February 2014 (Completed project)

Juana Maria - AMICA Board Member & Community Activist

Project Description:  The project aimed to build capacity in local communities amongst both men and women to prevent inter-family, sexual and gender-based violence. The project had three major components: training young women on how to access to justice and legal services, working directly in the communities to support women who have experienced violence, and supporting community leaders and traditional Miskitu authorities in the application of the law and advocating within the official justice system.

Horizons Celebrates World Indigenous Day

On August 9th, 2014, Horizons of Friendship (Horizons) and its partners in Central America and Mexico will celebrate World Indigenous Day. Since its inception in 1973, Horizons has been helping Indigenous peoples in their fight for human rights. In December of 1994, the United Nations (UN) declared the 9th of August “World Indigenous Day”. The UN has decided that for World Indigenous Day 2014 the theme will be “Bridging the gap: implementing the rights of indigenous people”.

To mark World Indigenous Day, Horizons would like to highlight its partner – The Santa Maria Linguistic Project (PLSM) – who aims to do just this: ensure that Indigenous peoples rights are respected and implemented.


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In Memory of Farley Mowat

Horizons remembers and honours the life of renowned writer, storyteller and friend Farley Mowat; one of Canada's most successful and internationally celebrated authors, a passionate environmentalist, and a long time supporter of Horizons of Friendship. Farley and his wife Claire are two of our Writers & Friends event originals.


Farley Mowat was the bestselling author of 44 books, including Never Cry Wolf, Owls in the Family, and Bay of Spirits. Nearly 20 million copies of his books have been sold in more than 25 countries. His recent book Eastern Passage has been referred to as “the last piece of the Mowat puzzle.”  Farley, you will be forever remembered and missed. Thank-you for your compassion and for your words.

El S Day 5 024

Our Spring Appeal showcase some of our reflections on a recent educational tour to El Salvador.



We are firm believers that change starts at home in our communities. That is why we have developed a full program here in Canada to connect and engage citizens in topics that matter. This includes programs to welcome newcomers to the local area, education events on global justice topics, travel & learning exchanges, and an annual award to recognize volunteers. We invite you to join us!