Project Profile: Working to End Gender-based Violence: An Interview with ORMUSA


Between 2004 and 2009, El Salvador had the highest rates of femicide globally.[1]  To mark the International Day of Violence against Women in November 2013, Horizons’ partner the Organization of Salvadoran Women for Peace (ORMUSA) organized a regional workshop to discuss regional strategies on how to prevent femicide. 

[1]Small Arms Survey. (2012) “Femicide: A Global Problem.” Research Note 14,  p. 3

Welcoming 2014: A Crucial Year for Horizons’ Family

February Appeal

The February Appeal kicks off an important year for Horizons as an organization. It is a reflection on how we can draw from the past in order to move forward.  Many thanks on behalf of the community members that Horizons supports in the field.

Recognizing Volunteers

volunteer day

Horizons of Friendship would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the many volunteers who contribute to the organization in so many ways.  

"Buen Vivir", "Living Well"


The Holiday Season Appeal discusses "Buen Vivir" (Living Well) through food, health and nutrition. Horizons is making a difference in communities by reducing malnutrition and ensuring better health services for families and their children. Please give now!

Our Projects

Strengthening Civil Society in Mesoamerica Through Learning and Action:

The current (2010-2015) program aims to increase and strengthen the effectiveness of citizen participation in the Mesoamerican region and Canada in the struggle to eradicate poverty and injustice. Our partners in the region develop projects to meet the needs of their communities.

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Women's Rights in Nicaragua

Canada & Locally

We are firm believers that change starts at home in our communities. That is why we have developed a full program here in Canada to connect and engage citizens in topics that matter. This includes programs to welcome newcomers to the local area, education events on global justice topics, travel & learning exchanges, and an annual award to recognize volunteers. We invite you to join us! 



Sunday, July 6th, 2014
11:30am to 5:30pm

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Founders Award

The purpose of the award is to honour the volunteer commitment of individuals who demonstrate dedication and spirit, both locally and globally. In addition, this award celebrates the founding and development of Horizons of Friendship. Nomination Deadline is May 16th!