Become a Monthly Donor

Since 1973, donors have consciously supported Horizons of Friendships' commitment to eliminate the root causes of poverty and injustice in Central America & Mexico. As a monthly donor, you can make a vital difference in the lives of the families whom Horizons seeks to help in the region. By supporting our work year-round, you make it possible for us to continue offering the life-giving aid which has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of our Mesoamerican friends.

Support Our Long-Term Impact

Our projects and programmes strive to create impact on-the-ground, with the inclusion and participation of the communities we are working with. Through the generous support of our donor we have facilitated successful long-term initiatives not often possible for more conventional non-profit organizations, including:

  • Engaging 5,000 Salvadoran women in an awareness campaign documenting the impact of femicide and violence against women. 
  • Supporting 6,000 household visits in Guatemala, contributing to 16,000 Guatemalan women learning about Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health, and prevention of maternal and child deaths.
  • Providing access to 2,200 Migrant Workers from Jamaica, Mexico, Guatemala to legal and social services in Canada.
  • Providing access to legal case workers such as lawyers and paralegals to over 1,000 Nicaraguan maquila workers.

All of these accomplishments, and more, are only possible through the continuity of a committed relationship. One of the most effective ways you can support our work long-term, is by joining our 'Sustaining Donor' Plan.


Becoming a 'Sustaining Donor'

Most of our Horizons supporters opt for the 'Sustaining Donor' Plan, which is an easy and cost-effective way of getting our vital aid to where it is needed most. The Plan allows you to stay connected with the development of Horizons' projects in Central America and Mexico, receive newsletter and email updates on Horizons and partner events, as well as receive a charitable receipt.

Monthly contributions can easily be made to Horizons via credit card. Our staff is happy to process your donation on the 15th of every month, or you if you send a void cheque, we can process future payments automatically from your bank on the first of every month. Help us lower administration costs. Monthly donors enable us to spend more time on legal victories, not paperwork.

Benefits of Becoming a Sustaining Donor


Improve Sustainability

Monthly donors enable Horizons to maximize its impact by allowing our partners to plan with more stability and security. Through your monthly contribution, we can ensure our programs operate efficiently and sustainably, and long-term impact is delivered successfully to recipients. 



Newsletter & Email Updates

During the year, we will share exclusive updates about the work you are supporting through monthly newsletters and email updates. We will offer highlights of the latest fundraising events, volunteer opportunities, and the impact and achievements our projects.


Charitable Receipts

We will send you a consolidated annual tax receipt in February of your annual donations and for subsequent years. 


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