Our volunteers are instrumental to our success.

Without the efforts of the fantastic women and men that work behind the scenes and on the front lines, we could simply not achieve the goals we set out for Horizons each year.

We are always appreciative of your helping hand, whether it’s pitching in for a single fundraising event or volunteering with Horizons on a regular basis. No matter what your schedule looks like, or what your talents are, we are always grateful for any help you can lend us to fight poverty and injustice in Central America and Mexico. Throughout the year, Horizons provides a variety of local and remote volunteer opportunities.

Local Volunteers


We have over 50 Thrift Shop volunteers from around Northumberland County, who are key to supporting our partners abroad. All proceeds from the Thrift Shop go directly to our programs in Central America and Mexico.

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Volunteers from all across the country are essential to organizing, promoting and hosting fundraising events. Financial resources raised thanks to their efforts are vital to our partners’ projects.

Volunteers can also donate their time and skills by assisting Horizons staff in our offices in Cobourg. We do our best to match our volunteers’ interests, skills, and experience with the appropriate tasks and departments. 

Global Volunteers

In addition to local volunteers, we also connect worldwide with virtual volunteers. Translation, editing, video production and web consulting are some of the ways our online volunteers can contribute. In the last few years, we have had over 40 online volunteers from over 12 different countries!


Interested in becoming a Local or Global Volunteer?