Fundraise in Your Community

Learn the different ways you can raise awareness and support for Horizons in your community.

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Are You a Student in University or High School?

Share the importance of teamwork, community-building and solidarity by fundraising with your university, school or classmates for Horizons. A few ways you can help support our work while learning about Central America & Mexico are:

  • Bake sales and read-a-thons
  • Movie nights
  • Book sales
  • Athletic and sports events 
  • Quiz fundraisers

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Are You an Organization, Club or Association?

Creating awareness and enhancing participation in local Canadian communities is a top priority for Horizons. Whether you are a sports club, church group, or professional association, we want you and your members to become an integral part of our charitable initiatives. Ways in which you can support Horizons:

  • Athletic and sports events
  • Yard sales and holiday fairs
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Dinners and silent auctions
  • Movie nights

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Are You a Company or Small Business?

Partner with a mission that has benefited thousands of families, women, and children in Central America & Mexico. Show your employees and customers that you care, all while team-building and promoting your company to a wider audience. Our team will gladly customize a plan to seamlessly help your company get started. Some ways in which Horizons can partner with you:

  • Sponsored walks and runs
  • Employee engagement events
  • Golf tournaments
  • Dinners and galas
  • Silent auctions and in-kind donations

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Are You a Family or Individual?

Make fun and lasting memories when you fundraise with family and friends for Horizons. There are endless memorable ways you can raise support for Mesoamerican communities in need. Help us by:

  • Hosting a wine-tasting and/or dinner party
  • Planning a bowling or golf tournament
  • Planning a benefit concert

  • Joining our yearly Horizons Harvest walk

  • Creating your own unique fundraising idea or event!

Horizons relies on your generous fundraising efforts. 

Still unsure how you can fundraise for Horizons? We are happy to put you in contact with our fundraising team, who have plenty of useful ideas, tips and advice on how to get started.