Host An Event

Learn how you can make your next fundraiser a success.  

1. Take Time to Plan

Make sure you give yourself enough time to hash out all the details. It is easier for your event to succeed if you know:

  • What activities are going to raise money?
  • Who is going to be excited about the event and help you promote it? 
  • Where and when your event will take place?

2. Share Your Idea With Us

Tell Horizons about your idea! Our team will make sure to provide you tips and information to officially get started. Make sure to contact before embarking on your fundraising journey.

3. Set Goals

Set goals that you think are attainable and realistic for your event, and identify what success looks like to you. How much do you feel this event can raise? How many people do you hope will participate? Answering these questions will make it easier for you to track your event's progress and achievements.


4. Ask For Help

Fundraising is always easier and more fun with the help of others. Seek support from your friends and coworkers to help you plan your event. Distribute the workload, create a planning committee, and allow each team member to make use of the unique skills they can offer. 

5. Promote Your Event

Be sure that the event fits the size, interests, talents, goals and availability of your audience. From there, you can start promoting your event with pride! Also, make sure that all your promotional materials and publicity are reviewed and approved by Horizons first.

6. Say Thank You!

Always be sure to thank volunteers and supporters that have made your event a success. Acknowledge everyone who has participated and let them know how much their contributions help Horizons' alleviate poverty and injustice in Central American & Mexican communities.

Horizons relies on your generous fundraising efforts. 

Still have questions about starting a fundraising event? We are happy to put you in contact with our fundraising team, who have plenty of useful ideas, tips and advice on how to get started.