Migrant Worker Outreach Program


Supporting the health and overall wellbeing of Migrant Workers in Northumberland County.



Project led by our Horizons team in Canada


Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada


Migration, Community Health

Project Duration:

Yearly, April - November

Project Summary


Every year, between 200-300 Migrant Workers arrive in Northumberland County to work in its agricultural sector. A 2016 report by the Canadian Council for Refugees found that Migrant Workers rank language barriers, barriers in accessing services, and social isolation as three of their greatest challenges while working in Canada. Unfortunately, with little knowledge of Canada and its labour laws, Migrant Workers tend to live on the margins of Canadian communities.

Horizons of Friendship's Migrant Worker Outreach Program seeks to bridge the gap between migrant workers and community services. We partner with a variety of community organizations to provide Migrant Workers health, legal, and social services. The program hosts a variety of social events for migrant workers and community members to build community, and friendships, as well as reduce isolation. As a result, the initiative effectively reduces barriers Migrant Workers face in Northumberland County and surrounding areas.


Key Achievements

  • Since 2002, over 2,200 Migrant Workers from Jamaica, Mexico, Guatemala and other countries have benefited directly from the program.

  • Partnering with the Port Hope Community Health Centre & Northumberland Community Legal Centre to provide free bi-weekly health and legal clinics to Migrant Workers,

  • Arranging Spanish Mass’ for Spanish-speaking Migrant Workers who wish to continue practicing their faith in Northumberland County.

  • Providing translation and transportation services for Migrant Workers in hospitals, government buildings, and businesses.

  • Guiding Migrant Workers on personal health, workplace injury, labour laws, English-as-a-second-language, and the Canada Pension Plan.