Food Sovereignty & Climate Change

All people should have the capacity to feed themselves in dignity. The right to food is a human right.

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Climate change significantly threaten the lives of Central American and Mexican communities who depend primarily on crop yields and agriculture. With continuing droughts, crop shortages, and rising food prices, communities are highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and food insecurity. In the past 10 years, natural disasters have also been occurring with increasing frequency, damaging some of the region's most critical infrastructures. 

What We Do

Together with our partners, we defend Mesoamerican people’s food sovereignty and the sustainable production of food across the region. Food sovereignty encompasses people’s right to have healthy and culturally appropriate food using sustainable methods of production, as well as their right to define their own food and agricultural systems.

Horizons is committed to:

  • Funding small farmers to purchase tools and native seeds to feed their families,
  • Promoting the protection of water sources and reforestation,
  • Increasing citizen advocacy for government programs and policies to address food sovereignty and food security.


Featured projects


Building a Youth Green Movement in Nicaragua,

The Oscar Arnulfo Romero Association for Socio-Cultural Promotion (ACOAR)
Nandaime, Nicaragua
Project Duration:
Feb, 2017 - Jan, 2019

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Custodians of Mother Earth and Seeds

The Economic and Social Development of Indigenous Mexicans (DESMI)
Chiapas, Mexico
Project Duration:
May, 2017 Apr, 2019